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However, all the ways require you to have administrator credentials and accounts. So, make sure you have access to the administrator account before proceeding. If you want to remove admin privileges from a given account, the setting can be reversed from the same menu.

Which suggests that there are still potential changes to be made to the widget before it receives a full launch. Microsoft Windows 11 recently got a new Insider update, presenting a number of new features and improvements discovered in its previous version. The new Windows 11 Insider preview can be known through the build version. Microsoft’s first new Windows 11 widget should make it even easier to find out which games are coming to PC Game Pass. When you click on game details, you’ll see a label that tells you if it works fine on computers with similar specifications to yours. If your computer can’t run a particular game, you can view its system requirements to get more information about what you need to play it.

Method 3. Change Administrator Name in Windows 10 via Command Prompt

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Next, customize other options as you see fit, and then click the “OK” button at the bottom. One of the many advantages of using a Windows 10 PC is that you have numerous apps to do tasks on your computer. Whether the official Microsoft Store or other websites, a countless apps that you can download and use on your computer. One of these apps is Calibre, in addition to being an eBook manager, you can convert your Kindle eBooks to PDF format.

Company working on a fix for an issue leading to some Insiders experiencing a decrease in FPS when playing certain games on recent flights due to the wrong graphics card being used. Fixed an issue that was causing some apps to unexpectedly not launch in the last few flights when core isolation was enabled in Windows Security. Fixed an issue believed to be leading to SQL Server Management Studio failing to launch for some Insiders. Fixed an issue where Memory Integrity in Windows Security might show a warning saying it couldn’t be enabled due to incompatible drivers, but the incompatible driver’s list would be blank. Fixed an issue where if you drag and drop a folder into the navigation pane were sometimes unexpectedly putting the folder at the bottom of the list rather than where you’d dropped it. Amy is our firmware and software specialist, she keeps her eagle eyes open for new software rollouts, beta programs, and other software related activities as well as new smartphone launch.

  • In this guide, we are going to talk about how you can fix the Windows 10 can’t change account type to administrator issue and be able to change the account type for your Windows account.
  • The method activates the Administrator account on the Windows 10 machine.
  • It’s more customizable, and new tools like Desktops and Snap Assist give you more granular control over how you divide up your screen and your time.

The existing user of Windows 10 can upgrade to Windows 11 free. Those who do not have windows, have to download the new version once it will be made available. The complete process for downloading will be explained later. New Start Button- It will be a revolutionary and notable change in Windows since the launch of the first version of Windows. The start button now has been shifted to the bottom center from the bottom left.

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If you are logging in Windows 10 with the Microsoft account, you won’t be able to change the user name with the methods above. You must get into Microsoft website to change the Microsoft account name. When User Accounts dialog opens, check the box “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer”. Now you can make changes to this administrator account, just like “Delete the account”. When Windows 10 boots to login screen, click the ease of access icon to run Command Prompt without login. During the setup process, Windows 10 prompts you to sign-in with an existing Microsoft Account, Create New Microsoft and also the option to Create a Local Account to login to the computer.

It used to work, but when I got a new PC and transferred everything is when I started having the problems. I have this problem too – and they aren’t in KFX format, but AZW. Within that folder, there is an an AZW file with the same name as the folder. Previously, download to my kindle content folder only loaded the AZW file. I admit though, I’ll often leave the kindle copy on the kindle app, and read with it as well- it really is a nice app.